Kakigori: A How-To Guide for Japanese Shaved Ice

In Japan, kakigori is a traditional dessert made from finely shaved ice. It is delicious, seamless, and delightful. Usually, it's garnished with vibrant fruit syrups, condensed milk or a scoop of ice cream. With origins tracing back to the 10th century, this fluffy and light treat can be easily created at home when the desire kicks in.

This quick-to-make recipe utilizes a handful of basic ingredients to construct an eye-catching display. Using the KitchenAid® Stand Mixer* and the Shave Ice Attachment, discover how to play around with different toppings and craft your personalized kakigori.

*Sold separately.

Understanding Kakigori

Kakigori is a cloud-like shaved ice dessert that first appeared in Japan circa the 10th century. It is created from thin ice shavings from a pristine, flavourless ice block. Using a bowl, a heap is made with fluffy ice shavings adorned with ice cream, yogurt, or vibrant fruit syrups such as melon or strawberry.

Initially, kakigori was a delicacy savored only by the Japanese elite and was commonly relished in the summer as a cooling respite from the relentless heat, unlike mochi which is savored during Japanese New Year. As time passed, kakigori became a treat enjoyed by everyone, adorned with a variety of ingredients and flavours. It's a traditional practice to innovate with this versatile dish by adding unique toppings to discover your favourite mix, like green tea matcha or chocolate syrup for a sugary delight. To preserve its authentic roots, it is suggested to prepare kakigori with mineral water as it originates from natural springs.

A Red KitchenAid® Stand Mixer with Shave Ice Attachment. A Red KitchenAid® Stand Mixer with Shave Ice Attachment.

Crafting Kakigori: A Shaved Ice Recipe

Kakigori is designed for an infinite array of flavours and garnishes. Unlock your creativity and delve into the myriad ways to concoct it using the KitchenAid® Stand Mixer. Follow the recipe below to kickstart your journey, and learn how to modify your own version of kakigori at home.



Serving size may differ based on your preference for toppings and imaginative combinations. With the KitchenAid® Shave Ice Attachment, you can generate one pint of finely-shaved ice in a minute.**

**Excluding prep time, based on plain ice using a fine blade.


For the shave ice:

  • Mineral water

For the syrup:

  • 1 part granulated sugar

  • 2 parts hot water

  • Your favourite flavours to taste (optional)

Additional Toppings:

  • 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of condensed milk, per serving

  • Your favourite yogurt, ice cream or other toppings


  • Serving bowls or cups

  • Serving spoons 

  • Ice scoop

Preparation Time: 12 to 24 Hours

To achieve the perfect flavour of your kakigori dessert, it is suggested to use frozen mineral water. Fill the ice molds from the KitchenAid® Shave Ice Attachment and freeze; this process may take 12 to 24 hours. Four ice molds are provided, so remember to prepare and freeze molds in advance to satisfy spontaneous cravings.

Creation Time: 5 Minutes

Once your mineral water is frozen, you're just minutes away from a heap of light, fluffy shaved ice that dissolves in your mouth. Depending on your choice of syrups, fruits, or other unique toppings, recipe time may vary while you're designing your dessert. The KitchenAid® Stand Mixer* and Shave Ice Attachment make your kakigori creation as simple as freezing, shaving, and constructing.

*Sold separately.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Kakigori

A person removing ice from an ice mold.

Step 1: Fill the Ice Molds

Adding ice to the ice mold to the level indicated on it is the first step to making homemade kakigori.

  • Freeze the ice molds for 12 to 24 hours or until completely frozen.

A person drizzling yellow syrup over shaved ice.

Step 2: Make the Syrup

Homemade syrup presents a versatile option for a rich drizzle over your shaved ice. Initially, blend 1 part granulated sugar with 3 parts hot water until the mixture is totally dissolved. Feel free to innovate and add other fresh elements to your syrup such as fruit puree, honey, or a hint of citrus for distinctive flavour combinations.



Green tea matcha powder brings a delicious twist and invigorating spin to shaved ice desserts.


A red KitchenAid® Stand Mixer with Shave Ice Attachment.

Step 3: Shave the Ice

Add the frozen mineral water molds to your shave ice attachment. Turn the mixer to a high speed and collect the cloud-like, finely-shaved ice in your preferred serving bowls or cups. Given the attachment can produce one pint (473 ml) of shaved ice in 60 seconds, a pair of one-cup servings is always within reach.


Excluding prep time, based on plain ice using a fine blade.

A cup of kakigori topped with purple ice cream.

Step 4: Garnish Your Dessert

With your bowls of fluffy shaved ice ready for garnishes, sprinkle your creation with homemade syrup, condensed milk, or whatever else takes your fancy. The options are truly unlimited, so don't hesitate to express your creativity and mix your favourite toppings for a mouth-watering dessert.


For a refreshing treat that’s ready to share, the KitchenAid® Shave Ice and Ice Cream Attachments can make crafting desserts as easy as freezing, shaving and creating. Explore the possibilities below:

A cup of kakigori topped with strawberry chunks. A cup of kakigori topped with strawberry chunks.

What Are Some Traditional Kakigori Flavours?

Kakigori is celebrated for its original creations and flexible flavour combinations. Nonetheless, traditional kakigori flavours encompass green tea matcha, strawberry, cherry, and lemon. Play around with these mixes to add a luxurious twist to the timeless favourites with chocolate, caramel, or your beloved sweets.

How Does Kakigori Compare with Bingsu and Baobing?

While kakigori, bingsu, and baobing all share a light, frosty shaved ice texture, it's the garnishes that set these desserts apart. Bingsu is a Korean delight commonly adorned with fresh fruit pieces, sweet red beans, tteok (rice cakes), and condensed milk. Baobing is a shaved ice dessert native to China. Traditional toppings include red and mung beans, chilled peanut soup, tapioca pearls, and condensed milk.

Make Kakigori with a KitchenAid® Stand Mixer

Ready to master the art of making kakigori at home? With the right tools, you can easily recreate this delightful, fluffy Japanese dessert and add a personal twist. KitchenAid® Stand Mixer* and the Shave Ice Attachment are the perfect companions for your culinary journey.

*Sold separately.

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