Grain & Rice Cooker

All Goodness, No Guesswork

Easily turn rice, grains, beans and more into the star of any meal with an intuitive grain and rice cooker that auto-senses, dispenses and simmers to perfection.

The KitchenAid® Grain & Rice Cooker sitting on a countertop with a green backsplash behind it.

Effortlessly Create Delicious Grains, Rice & Beans

The open rice and grain cooker, with cooked white rice inside. The cooker is surrounded by bowls of various grains, rices and beans.

Perfect Measurements Every Time

Calculates and automatically dispenses the right amount of water for up to 8 cups of precisely simmered grains, rice and beans.

A person interacting with the intuitive controls, selecting a grain preset.

Intuitive, Simple Preset Selection

The easy-to-use screen has an intuitive menu with 21 preset cooking modes for healthy grains, rice and beans.

A close up of the controls of the grain and rice cooker, showing the delayed cook mode.

Ready On Your Schedule

With the option to delay cooking for up to 24 hours, enjoy your meal right on time, or get ahead of meal prep. Plus, keep it warm for up to 6 hours.

Broth being poured into the grain and rice cooker.

Tailored To Your Taste

Save your own custom texture presets, soak dry grains and beans, or experiment with other liquids like milk or broth.

Endless Possibilities

A New World Of Whole Grains

Wake up to homemade oatmeal or refresh your lunch routine with healthy grain bowls and bean burgers. With 21 presets, plus custom settings, you can unlock a delicious new world.

Transform Pantry Staples Into Culinary Sensations

A closed grain and rice cooker with small mountains of rice and grains surrounding it. A closed grain and rice cooker with small mountains of rice and grains surrounding it.

Modern Design

Sleek & Stylish

Slotting perfectly into your kitchen space as a solution for cooking grains and rice at home, the Grain and Rice Cooker has a modern look with a matte finish, rounded edges and inviting touchscreen controls.

A collage of close ups of the grain and rice cooker. A collage of close ups of the grain and rice cooker.

Featured Recipes

Create & Savor Delicious Grain & Rice Dishes

Refresh your routine. Jump confidently into new recipes with all sorts of rice, grains and beans.

A person cooking various meals and side dishes on a cooktop.

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