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Why Switch to Swash?

A blue circle with "8x". Refers to Swash being eight times concentrated so you can use less detergent.
8x Concentrated Formula

With detergent this concentrated, you can use less per load and still get the clean you want.

A blue circle with an icon of a bottle top. Refers to the auto-stop top on bottles of Swash.
Auto-Stop Top

The Auto-Stop Top will stop automatically when you have the right amount. So there’s no guess and no mess.

A blue circle with a t-shirt icon and two small white circles and two small Xs. Refers to the stain-fighting technology of Swash.
Stain-Fighting Technology

Your washing machine's about to get even better at fighting your everyday stains.

Uncap a simple way to laundry


Why Swash

Just flip it, squeeze it, and start your laundry cycle. With this easy squeeze, you get the right amount and the clean you want every time.