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KitchenAid offers a refrigeration configuration to match your space, needs, and preferences. Shop by style to see how KitchenAid can fit your home.

A opened KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator with a Bottom Freezer. The fridge's interior is full of food and beverages including beverage bottles, produce in the crispers, a jug of juice, a cake on a stand, desserts, butter, condiment jars and more.

French Door Refrigerators

Two doors that open outwards on opposite sides, a spacious interior with the freezer located underneath.

Choose from 3,4 or 5 door options. Split doors may be better suited for certain smaller kitchens or those with an island

Typically offers ample shelving and flexible storage options

Greater accessibility via freezer pull-out drawer at the bottom with ample shelving and storage

An opened KitchenAid Built-In Refrigerator with a Bottom Freezer. Inside the fridge is a jug of juice, crispers with produce, beverages, eggs, butter, fresh herbs, a tray of food and a compartment filled with cheese and meat.


Can be customized to match existing cabinetry or can stand out as a statement piece.

Offers our widest range of sizes and features to truly customize your kitchen

Available with or without external water dispensing

An opened KitchenAid Undercounter Refrigerator filled with produce, jugs and bottles of beverages, wine and champagne bottles, bowls of fruit and a charcuterie board.


This fliexible configuration fits into discrete locations, preserves your finest wines, and gives dedicated and convenient access to your favourite beverages.

Wine cellars provide two temperature control zones and capacity up to 46 standard Bordeaux-size bottles

Capacity for 14 wine bottles below with room for drinks and food on the full-width shelves above

Flush to cabinet with panel ready options to blend into your Kitchen or entertainment center. Different options available for wine and beverage storage.

 An opened KitchenAid Side-by-Side Refrigerator. Inside the fridge are crispers filled with produce, produce on shelves, a cake on a stand, beverages, condiments, fresh herbs and more.

Side by side refrigerators

Freezer and refrigerator are situated next to each other vertically.

Adjustable shelves to easily organize contents

Convenient eye-level access to fridge and freezer



Complete the look of your kitchen with different colour options from KitchenAid. Shop by colour to compliment your dream kitchen vision.

Fingerprint resistant stainless steel refrigerators

 A KitchenAid White French-Door Refrigerator Shop This Colour

Black Stainless Steel with PrintshieldTM finish

 A KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator with an exterior ice and water dispenser in black. Shop This Colour

Panel Ready

A KitchenAid Panel-Ready French Door Refrigerator. Shop This Colour

Stainless Steel

A KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator with a Bottom Freezer and exterior water dispenser. Shop This Colour

Features that make a difference

KitchenAid has features that enable your creativity both in kitchen
design and culinary experiences.

Preserva® Food Care System

Two independent cooling systems offer a specialized refrigeration unit to help keep food fresher for longer, and a separate system for frozen foods. The FreshFlow™ air filter helps reduce odors, while the fruit and vegetable preservative helps delay overripening.

Fit System Guarantee

Ensures KitchenAid Brand Built-in Refrigerators will replace your existing cabinet cut-out of a standard comparable built-in refrigerator model that is 36", 42" or 48" inch wide or KitchenAid will provide up to $300 for a professional to adjust your cabinets.

Counter-Depth Design

Allows this freestanding refrigerator to fit nearly flush with surrounding cabinetry to offer a built-in look and allow more room to move in your kitchen.


All freestanding refrigerators need about ½” on both sides and at the top. A refrigerator takes in ambient air and exhales warm air. This warm air needs space to dissipate so that the refrigerator doesn’t “breath” in that hot air. If the hot air has nowhere to go and the fridge is inhaling this, it will make the fridge work harder and reduce the lifespan of the product.

Unlike ranges and dishwashers, refrigerators come in many sizes, shapes and configurations. Make sure that you measure the existing space that you currently have (or will have if you are renovating) so that your sales rep can best assist you with this.

Refrigerators come in 4 basic configurations. Top mount, where the freezer is on top. Bottom Mount, where the freezer is either a door or a drawer on the bottom. French Door meaning that there are 2 doors that open in the fresh food compartment with a freezer drawer or door on the bottom. And lastly there is a side by side where the unit is split into two compartments with a full height freezer on the left and a full height fridge on the right. All of these options have pros and cons and I recommend checking them out to see what might work best for your home.

Cabinet depth refrigerators are designed so that the main body (or cabinet) of the fridge extends the same as standard cabinets, which is about 24” in depth. Full depth refrigerator sticks out from the cabinet and depending on the model, will have different depths. The overall depth, height and width of the refrigerator is what make up the overall space in the refrigerator (measured in cubic ft).

Yes, within small degrees. Most refrigerator are on casters so they can be wheeled into place but there are legs that can be adjusted to level the fridge and raise the unit up (about 1” on average).

Refrigerators make lots of noises for lots of reasons. Here are a few common ones:

  • Crash - when ice is formed and falls into the bin it can make a crashing noise.
  • Thud - if a refrigerator has a single compressor it can make noise as it turns on or turns off. This is normal.
  • Humming - normal sound of a compressor running.

This is a tricky one because sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes it is no. Some refrigerators are able to move the hinge and change the door handle in which case Yes, you can alter the direction of the swing. If the fridge does not allow for this you will have to ensure that you order either a left or right swing model. A trick for remembering this is that the hinge will be on the swing side of what you order. Example rights swing doors have the hinge on the right (you would also tend to open it with your right hand).

Most refrigerators today have automatic defrost and do not require a manual defrost. If this is something that is important to you, I recommend double

All refrigerators will come with an energy guide that will tell you if it is estar rated or not, how many kilowatt hours it uses per year and an estimate of how much it will cost annually to operate the unit.

Whirlpool Corporation uses R600a. R600a is efficient natural refrigerant

It is environmentally friendly and effective and, in refrigeration applications, it boasts low power consumption and load power. It is also compatible with many lubricants. R600a is commonly used due to its low environmental impact and good thermodynamic performance.

Side-by-side refrigerators, including these KitchenAid Refrigerator models, come with a classic style and configuration with top-to-bottom freezer and refrigerator compartments next to each other. French door refrigerators feature one continuous refrigerator space with two doors above a freezer drawer. This configuration, including these KitchenAid® French Door Refrigerators, has a pantry-style layout. More details here.

Top mount refrigerators are a classic configuration that places a freezer compartment on top of the refrigeration section of the appliance. These fridges deliver essential features like ample refrigerator and freezer capacity to store your groceries.

Bottom mount refrigerators keep your fresh foods at eye level while storing frozen items in a freezer compartment at the bottom of the appliance. This design is convenient for those who don’t use their freezer as much and want easy access to refrigerated groceries.

No it does not. Same care as regular Stainless steel should be taken. Wash the exterior surfaces and gaskets with warm water and mild soap or detergent. Wipe and dry. We recommend using a clean micro fiber cloth or a soft clean cloth to polish and dry. Ensure to thoroughly dry all surfaces.

Yes, please refer to the official warranty document available from Kitchenaid.ca.

Yes. It should be replaced every 6 months to ensure optimum performance in your refrigerator. Please refer to Kitchenaid.ca for the respective part number.

Yes - On select models. Search for Built-In and side by side Fridges.