Compact Appliances for Designing Small Kitchens


Compact Appliances for Designing Small Kitchens

Some of the most creative moments of your life happen in your kitchen. In the case of a small space, you'll want to design a layout that makes efficient use of every square inch. A kitchen's workspace, flow, and storage can be optimized with compact, space-saving appliances. Compact, space-saving appliances allow the kitchen to become the epicentre of culinary creativity.

KitchenAid® makes power-packed and feature-rich cooking appliances such as ovens, cooktops, ranges and microwaves that are designed just for small kitchens as well as “skinny” appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers that minimize square footage while maximizing capacity and performance. Make the most of your kitchen with compact and flexible appliances that fit your space and meet your cooking needs.

Compact Kitchen Design: Which Appliances to Choose

Your small kitchen's primary purpose should be to fulfill all of your food storage, preparation, and cleaning needs—without wasting any space. The design of a small kitchen should take into account all of these things and ensure every inch suits your lifestyle. You should consider your existing layout and how your family uses your limited space most when choosing appliances for a small kitchen or small kitchen renovation. Taking these factors into account will allow you to decide where you need more space in your kitchen, and where a compact appliance will be more useful. With a small kitchen, there are still plenty of ways to customize it so that you can unleash your culinary creativity.

Choosing the Right Appliances for Your Small Kitchen

Compact cooking appliances for small kitchens offer you many options, features, and functions of full-size appliances while not taking up a lot of space. Take into account how often you cook, what you like to cook, and how many people you cook for when deciding which kitchen appliances to purchase.

When you understand how you cook, it will be easier to decide the features that matter the most, such as the number of burners on your range or the size of your oven or microwave.

Space-Saving Cooktops

If you rarely cook on the stovetop, but need a full-sized oven, consider adding a wall oven and separate two-burner cooktop to your compact kitchen design. The freed up countertop space can be used for other food preparations or storage. If two burners aren't sufficient for your cooking needs, a skinny cooktop offers all four burners and reduces both its width and depth to fit into a small countertop.

Compact Wall Ovens

As well as offering more counter space, wall ovens come in smaller capacities that will fit into small kitchens. Additionally, these models can be configured as double ovens, so you can cook multiple dishes, plus dessert! Features that ensure excellent baking results along with streamlined touch control digital displays make these compact KitchenAid® wall ovens simple to use and clean.

Microwave and Range Hood Combos

Having one appliance do the work of two or more is another way to save space in a small kitchen. It is possible to simplify your small kitchen design even more by choosing a microwave that also functions as a range hood. The convenience of an over-the-range microwave also makes it easier to transfer items from the cooktop to the microwave.

“Skinny” Cooking Appliances

To save space, skinny models reduce the width of the appliance by several inches. At just two feet wide or less, you’ll be able to fit a range or cooktop into a smaller kitchen design, whether it’s along a single wall, in a galley kitchen, or an L-shaped layout. Best of all, you'll still be able to do all your favourite stovetop cooking, including sautéing, flambéing, and simmering.

KitchenAid range in a small kitchen KitchenAid range in a small kitchen

Small kitchens require good ventilation to keep odours, smoke and grease from getting trapped. Fortunately, slim rangehoods pair perfectly with skinny ranges to help clear the air, while adding a touch of style to create a big impact in a small kitchen.

Your Small Kitchen Can Have a Range

Adding a skinny kitchen range to a small kitchen can be a great solution for the baker in you. Whether you need gas or electric, 30-inch ranges provide the performance you require while saving space.

Range Hoods for Small Spaces

Make your kitchen look sleeker with a stainless steel canopy hood or range hood. The right kitchen hood can add all the functionality you need and the style you want to your limited space.

Refrigerators for Small Kitchen Spaces

This essential kitchen appliance is available from KitchenAid® in compact sizes with flexible storage designs that maximize your usable space. Keep fresh foods organized and still have room for leftovers. A wide range of features are also available to help you organize and customize your cooling environment.

Skinny Refrigerators Save Countertop Space

With a width of 24", these skinny refrigerators can save horizontal space in a new house, leaving more space for other appliances or countertops. Many models are also counter-depth for an installation that’s virtually flush with your cabinets, allowing you to reclaim space in a small kitchen.

Counter-depth Refrigerators for Smaller Kitchen Layouts

A selection of KitchenAid appliances in a smaller kitchen A selection of KitchenAid appliances in a smaller kitchen

A counter-depth refrigerator may be the best solution if you have a limited amount of room in front of your refrigerator. These appliances are almost flush with your cabinets and do not protrude too far into your kitchen. These larger cubic foot models can be a good option over the lower capacity of skinny fridges when you’re designing for a small kitchen and have room for a wider model.

Small Kitchen Appliances: Other Skinny Compact Options

You can customize your small kitchen with a full range of appliances to fit your culinary needs. Whether you have limited space or a limited budget, KitchenAid® offers compact dishwashers, winecenters, ice makers, and more.

Counter-depth refrigerator in a kitchen island Counter-depth refrigerator in a kitchen island

Shop Other KitchenAid® Kitchen Appliances for Small Kitchens

Find space for an under-counter ice maker in your small kitchen with 15-in models that hold up to 25 lbs. of ice. Make the most of your limited counter space by choosing a slim dishwasher that can still hold eight place settings. You may also prefer to relax with a bottle of wine stored at your perfect temperature in a wine center.

Ergonomic Tips for an Efficient Small Kitchen Design

Along with small appliances and built-ins, use these design tricks to maximize your storage capacity and create the appearance of a larger space in your small kitchen:

  • Ceiling-high cabinets: Most standard cabinets leave 12" of space at the top. Choosing taller cabinets offsets the reduction in top-to-bottom openness due to the additional linear feet of shelving. By sacrificing dead space for extra storage, you will gain space.
  • Use glass cabinets or open shelving: Transforming some of your upper cabinets into open shelves and replacing solid wood doors with glass can make your smaller kitchen feel more airy and open. You will also have easier access to items.
  • The right lighting: With under-cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, and interior cabinet lighting, the space will appear brighter and it will be easier to see while preparing and cooking food.
  • Lighter or more neutral colours: Despite being elegant, darker colours in a small kitchen can make it feel cramped. Stick to light colours such as white or yellow, or bright wood. When it comes to appliances, smaller kitchens tend to benefit from white, stainless steel, or panel-ready appliances.

A Small Kitchen's Potential

A small kitchen with KitchenAid range A small kitchen with KitchenAid range

Small kitchens are coming back into style for a good reason. With a small kitchen, you'll have more efficient work triangles for meal prep, fewer areas to clean and combo appliances that provide extra functionality and flexibility. Whether you are remodelling your kitchen or upgrading your small kitchen, you'll find the appliances that will benefit your kitchen both functionally and aesthetically. KitchenAid® is here to help.

Find Out How to Maximize the Potential of Your Kitchen

Woman loading a dishwasher Woman loading a dishwasher

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