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How to Make a Smoothie in Just 6 Steps

Feeling stuck in a smoothie rut and want to find that perfect creamy blend? Or perhaps you just want to know how to make a smoothie from scratch. This guide to making smoothies contains everything you need to create delicious and satisfying smoothies in your own kitchen. This includes equipment, ingredients, proportions, recipes, and tips.


There are several appliances you can use to make a smoothie, but the blender is the most common. They are capable of breaking up ice and pulverizing fruits and vegetables while creating that "just right" consistency. KitchenAid offers blenders that can take on tough ingredients and deliver smooth results.

Man making smoothie in KitchenAid blender Man making smoothie in KitchenAid blender

There is also the option of using a food processor. You should be aware, however, that this method can be messy, especially if the appliance you own cannot seal in liquids. KitchenAid offers food processors that come in different colors and sizes to let you unleash your creativity.

If you want to make an individual smoothie, an immersion blender can be enough power to handle the task. Additionally, these hand blenders are easier to clean and store than typical blenders, as well as being more economical. KitchenAid offers a complete line of immersion blenders to help fuel your kitchen creativity.

Besides a good blender, you'll only need measuring cups and measuring spoons for your smoothie. To make the process flow as smoothly as possible, gather your tools and ingredients before you begin blending.


Every great smoothie starts with the right base. As well as adding flavor and texture, the base can provide nutritional value. As a general rule, using water or juice will enhance the flavor of your fruits and veggies, while using milk will give you a creamier smoothie. Here are a few popular bases:

The flavor of your ingredients really comes to life across the board when you use water as a base—water pairs especially well with fruits that make creamy smoothies like banana and mango. Ice has the added advantage of producing thicker, icier results.


Great smoothies begin with great ingredients so always use purified or filtered water for your smoothies. For clean, fresh water and ice straight from the fridge use a great filter and replace it every six months. everydrop® ice and water filters are the only filters approved by KitchenAid.1

1. everydrop® products and the recommending brand's products are owned and distributed by Whirlpool Corporation

Coconut water adds a natural tropical note to your smoothie while providing fiber and nutrients.

During the processing of these juices, no heat or oxygen is used. Cold-pressed watermelon juice is great in smoothies.

Adding the creaminess and richness of cow's milk to your smoothie with a dairy alternative has never been easier, thanks to this plant-based milk.

The fat content in coconut milk makes some people steer clear of it. Nevertheless, this base will make a delicious, creamy smoothie, just as almond milk does.

Due to its neutral taste, you can rest assured it won't compete with other flavors.


Both coconut milk and almond milk are great in smoothies, but coconut milk adds a creamy, more tropical flavor to the party while almond milk is more neutral.

If you want a relaxing and nourishing breakfast mashup or a pick-me-up in the afternoon, you can combine coffee or tea with your smoothie.

STEP 3: CHOOSE YOUR GREENS – ABOUT 1/2 TO 1 CUP [ 118-237 ml]

Collection of fresh green vegetables Collection of fresh green vegetables

Greens can really improve your smoothie, and depending on which types you choose, they can also enhance the flavors. Leafy greens are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals, as well as vegetables like cauliflower, carrots, and zucchini that can be disguised with fruit.

Here are some popular greens:

Today, Kale is the star of the leafy greens. Blending kale enhances the benefits, so it's an ideal addition to smoothies. Although baby kale has a milder taste than its parent, kale has a strong, slightly bitter flavor. If the taste is bitter, add sweeter fruits to balance it out.

The mild flavor and soft, easy-to-blend leaves of this green make it a popular addition to smoothies. Strawberries, blueberries, apples, and pears pair well with spinach's neutral flavor.

The robust and peppery taste of this green pairs well with citrus fruits. Besides cherries, dates, and cranberries, dried fruits would also go well with this green.

STEP 4: CHOOSE YOUR FRUIT – 1 TO 2 CUPS [ 237 - 473 ml]

Assortment of fresh fruits Assortment of fresh fruits

Smoothies are only limited by your imagination when it comes to which fruits to use. The fruit in your smoothie is what gives it its personality. The flavor of bananas and pineapple can easily overpower a drink since they are both bold in flavor. You can create a perfect balance of flavor by combining the sweetness of bananas and pineapples with the mildness and acidity of strawberries. Because pineapple is a tropical fruit, it pairs exceptionally well with coconut milk or coconut water.


Smoothies made with frozen fruits and vegetables have a creamy, rich texture. Bananas are an easy and common ingredient in smoothies, so you can freeze them and have them ready when you need them. Lay out your banana slices on a parchment-lined baking sheet and freeze for at least 30 minutes, the riper, the sweeter. To make them easy to thaw, store them in individual freezer bags and thaw them as needed.

STEP 5: ADD FATS – 1 TO 2 TEASPOONS  [5 - 10 ml]

You can get fat from many sources, such as nuts and nut butters, oil such as coconut, flaxseed, and avocado.

Keep in mind that the calories in these ingredients can add up quickly, so watch how much you add in in order to maintain a healthy balance.

Various types of nuts Various types of nuts


The texture and taste of your smoothie can be enhanced with the use of add-ins. 

  • Incorporate cooked oats into your smoothie to make it thicker.
  • Add a few herbs to enhance the flavors. 
  • Add a little raw honey or agave to add sweetness.
  • Spice it up with a bit of cinnamon or ginger. 

You can customize your smoothie in so many ways, so experiment and let your creativity flow - there is no wrong answer.


Having gathered all the tools and tips you need to make the perfect smoothie, it's time to start blending. With this green smoothie recipe, you can make a delicious and nutritious breakfast in minutes. Or make a strawberry banana smoothie like the pros. Alternatively, try this savory Bloody Mary Smoothie recipe.