How to chop onions in a food processor

Onions, with their profound taste and versatility, play a crucial role in a wide array of dishes. The KitchenAid® Food Processor is an essential kitchen companion that swiftly handles the chopping, dicing, slicing, and mincing of onions, simplifying the process of preparing dishes such as slow-roasted chicken, vibrant curry, or a hearty bolognese sauce. Discover how this indispensable tool can equip you with new culinary skills with the help of this article.

Chopping, Slicing, Dicing, and Mincing Onions with a Food Processor

Food processors, with their robust and multifaceted capabilities, are instrumental in mastering recipes that call for chopped onions. These appliances cut down preparation time considerably, allowing you to concentrate on the other facets of your dish.

Equipment Needed:
  • Onions

  • A sharp knife

  • A cutting board

Essential Tools:
Expected Duration:

Depending on the peeling, slicing, setting up your food processor, and operating it, the entire process can range from 5-10 minutes.

An empty food processor.

Step 1: Assembling Your Food Processor

Setting up your food processor is the first step to successfully chopping onions. Start by affixing the work bowl to the base of your processor. Certain models might need the bowl to be aligned and twisted onto the base. KitchenAid® Food Processors offer a straightforward no-twist design that ensures easy assembly. Conclude this step by positioning the drive adapter onto the drive pin located within the work bowl.

A user opening a food processor and adding blade.

Step 2: Attaching the Appropriate Blade

For chopping: Fit the multi-purpose s-blade over the adapter, turning it until it locks into place. Secure the lid thereafter.

For slicing: Substitute the s-blade with the slicing blade and repeat the process.


For dicing: Use the dicing kit that comes with specific food processors. For the correct assembly, refer to the owner's manual.

Sliced onion resting on a cutting board.

Step 3: Preparing Onions for Chopping, Slicing or Dicing

After placing your onions on a cutting board, peel them carefully and discard the peels. Slice off the roots and stems from both ends of the onion. Rinse each onion under lukewarm water and return them to the clean cutting board. Proceed to quarter the onions using a sharp knife.

Chopping onions whirring in a food processor.

Step 4: Chopping or Slicing Onions

If chopping: After the onions have been peeled and quartered, put them into the work bowl of your food processor. Employ the pulse setting to chop the onions with short bursts or hold it longer to mince them. Alternatively, operate your food processor at a low speed for chopping and at a high speed for mincing.


If slicing: Operate your food processor at a high speed and feed the quartered onions into the feed tube individually. Modify the thickness of your slices by adjusting the knob from left to right, if available on your model.


If dicing: Follow the process outlined above using the dicing kit. With the KitchenAid® 13-Cup Food Processor with Dicing Kit, you only need to halve the onions thanks to the large feed tube.

A close-up of chopped onions.

Step 5: Draining Onions

Since onions have a high water content, there might be some leftover liquid after they've been processed. If that's the case, drain the mixture before moving on to the next step in your recipe.

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What Blades are Ideal for Chopping Onions?

The multi-purpose s-blade is your go-to when chopping onions in a food processor. It allows for both chopping and mincing, based on the duration of the pulse or the speed of the processor.

Which Blades are Recommended for Slicing?

The slicing blade is ideal for slicing onions in a food processor. Some models come with blades of varying thickness or an adjustable setting for precision slicing.

Alternate Ways to Slice, Dice, Chop, or Mince Onions

Other methods of chopping onions include using a mandolin slicer, specialized onion chopping devices, or cutting them by hand. You can also use the Fresh Prep Slicer/Shredder attachment for your KitchenAid® stand mixer.

A blender should be avoided since it will not produce chopped onions, but pureed ones. 

Due to blenders' high speeds, finely chopping onions is often impossible due to their lack of precision.

Can Chopped Onions Be Stored for Future Use?

While it's best to chop onions fresh for each use, once chopped, they can be stored in the fridge for about four days. For long-term storage, raw chopped onions can last up to 8 months in the freezer if stored properly, and cooked onions can last up to a year.

Incorporating Chopped Onions in Recipes

Chopped onions can be a key ingredient or a flavourful garnish for various dishes. They're perfect for a homemade salsa or a rustic spring onion strudel, or even for topping a hearty BBQ brisket po boy.

Extra Tips for Using a Food Processor to Chop Onions

While using a food processor to chop onions is straightforward, here are some tips to improve your process:

  • Use a sharp knife to minimize tears when prepping your onions for the food processor.

  • Rinse your onions under cold water before chopping.

  • Ensure the onions are cut to the appropriate size to fit your food processor's feed tube.

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