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How To Choose the Best Blender for Your Needs

Whether you are making summer smoothies or winter soups, a blender is a must-have for any kitchen. Blenders come in a variety of styles, sizes, and features, so picking the best model can be challenging. When choosing a blender, the key is which blender will allow you to achieve your culinary goals. Our Blender Buying Guide is designed to help take the guesswork out of how to choose a blender.

When choosing a blender, a number of factors should be taken into account. The amount of space you have to store your blender, the recipes you plan to make, and how frequently you expect to use it are all factors to consider when choosing the right blender.

Blenders can be categorized into three main types:

Blenders are typically thought of as this popular countertop appliance consisting of a motor on a base, where a pitcher or jar sits, and a plastic lid. Traditional blenders like these can be found in bars, coffee shops, and smoothie shops. The machines have multiple speeds to assist with mixing, blending, chopping, etc.

A man adds various vegetables to a mint green KitchenAid blender. In the background: KitchenAid stainless steel French door refrigerator A man adds various vegetables to a mint green KitchenAid blender. In the background: KitchenAid stainless steel French door refrigerator

Wondering what is the best blender for you? There are several things to consider when selecting a countertop blender. Here are a few tips on how to choose a blender.

Typically, blenders come with jars that hold four to eight cups( XX  ml) of liquid. If you plan to make larger quantities in your blender, consider a larger model, such as the KitchenAid® High Performance Series.

Power, measured in watts or Horsepower (HP), is sometimes referred to as the motor's strength. If you’re looking to try green smoothies using fibrous vegetables such as kale, be sure to choose from higher-powered blenders, such as the KitchenAid® K400 series.

Some blender jars have double wall thermal control containers for blending hot soups and sauces, while most come with single wall containers.

You'll appreciate the removable center cap on the blender jar lid offered by some models since you'll be able to add ingredients as it runs. For creamy and smooth emulsified sauces and dressings, drizzle a bit of oil into the blender. 

KitchenAid® countertop blenders also mark their removable caps with measurement guidelines so you can add exact amounts. KitchenAid® Pro Line® Series and select K400 model blenders also come with a tamper to safely push ingredients toward the blending vortex and scrape the sides of the jar to ensure thorough blending. Some brands offer expansion packs for their blenders.  For example, KitchenAid now offers expansion packs for the K150 and K400 blenders that include a personal blending jar and a small batch jar for even more versatility.

Blenders often come with presets for common uses. For example, the KitchenAid® K400 model has 3 Preset Recipe Programs: Ice Crush, Icy Drinks, and Smoothie to deliver ideal performance for each task; and, the KitchenAid(R) COMMERCIAL BLENDER WITH 3.5 PEAK HP MOTOR can blend smoothies, juice, and even warm soup right from the jar.

Some blenders, such as the KitchenAid® Classic models, have buttons to move between 5 different speeds, while others like the KitchenAid® High PerformanceSeries or K400 models have dials to move from low to high speeds in increments. 

Many blenders come with a pulse button that allows you to blend quickly.

Blenders such as the KitchenAid(R) K150 and K400 models are designed with the Soft Start® Feature that starts the motor at a slower speed to pull food into the blade, then quickly increases to the selected speed setting. Also, KitchenAid offers Intelligent Speed® Motor Control on select models which senses the speed of your recipe and maintains it for efficient performance.

The immersion blender, also known as the hand blender or stick blender, allows you to mix directly in the bowl, cup, or pot of your choice. This type of blender is compact and can be easily stored, an advantage for people with small kitchens or those who want to take their blender with them. As there is no set capacity for the jars, you can mix as little or as much as you want.

A woman mixes dough in a metal bowl with a red electric hand mixer with a KitchenAid whisk attachment. On the counter: various fruits and ingredients A woman mixes dough in a metal bowl with a red electric hand mixer with a KitchenAid whisk attachment. On the counter: various fruits and ingredients

The following factors should be considered when purchasing an immersion blender:

Some stick blenders come with variable speed settings, allowing you to smoothly transition from mixing and chopping to whisking and whipping. A variety of speeds let you blend harder ingredients into a smooth texture, whisk and aerate to create light, fluffy results.

Home immersion blenders typically have 8" (Xcm)arms that are ideal for containers smaller than standard stovetop pots or shallower pots. If you plan to make large pots of soup, a blending arm that is 12" (X cm) or longer will allow you to reach the bottom of the pot and keep your hands and arms away from the heat.

The motor of KitchenAid immersion blenders can be used to power a food chopper, blending cup with lid, a pitcher, or whisk attachment. Immersion blenders typically come with a variety of accessories.

Check out the KitchenAid® 5-speed immersion blender, the first to introduce interchangeable blending arms and bell blades. Simply twist off and on to switch bell blades to quickly and easily crush ice, puree soup, froth milk and so much more.

Immersion blenders come with various length cords. For those who prefer to move about with hand blenders or want to bring one to the table before dinner to puree vegetables,cordless blenders are available. For example, free yourself up in the kitchen and beyond with a cordless model such as the new KitchenAid® Cordless Hand Blender that also comes in a range of colors to match your style.

This factor will be important to you if you plan on matching your appliances with each other, or if you wish to add a splash of color to your kitchen. KitchenAid® Variable Speed Corded Hand Blenders come in 10 colors to match your personal style, from classic black to bright, bold, or calming hues such as Aqua Sky, Empire Red and Pistachio. 7 color options are available for the cordless hand blender, including Blue Velvet for a modern take on a vintage vibe.

A personal blender can be a good choice for smoothie lovers who are short on time in the morning. 

Although they are typically less powerful and versatile than standard blenders, they are excellent for soothing ingredients like yogurt, bananas, and fresh fruit such as protein shakes. These devices are perfect for those who opt for a liquid breakfast in the morning.

A gray Kitchenaid blender with an individual blender pitcher. On the counter: various fruits A gray Kitchenaid blender with an individual blender pitcher. On the counter: various fruits

KitchenAid® now offers Personal Blending Jar and Small Batch Jar expansion packs for the K400 and K150 models. For quick and easy single-serve blending, the Personal Blender Jar comes with a blade assembly that attaches to the countertop blender base. For smoothies, frappes, or breakfasts on the run, it also comes with a screw-on lid. Whether you want to prepare sauces, dressings, or even blend homemade baby food, the Small Batch Jar will become your go-to. With the convenient sealed lid, you can blend and store contents in one container.

When you frequently make small batches or smoothies for one, and you still want the versatility and larger capacity of a full-sized blender, these expansions may be the best solution.

Some immersion blenders provide the same convenience and travel capabilities as a personal blender. For example, the KitchenAid® 2-speed hand blender and the new Cordless hand blender both include a 3-cup blending jar with a secure lid.

Making your own morning smoothie is quick and easy, and you can consume it right away or later without much cleanup time or effort. Simply fill the cup with the ingredients, blend with your hand blender, rinse off the blades and stick, and enjoy your smoothie or protein shake right away, or attach the lid to carry it to work or the gym.


You can determine which blender is best suited to your needs based on what you plan to do with it.

  • For those who use their blenders frequently to crush ice, consider the KitchenAid® K150 or Classic models that include “ice crush” features.

  • If you want to make smoothies that contain fibrous greens like kale, you’ll need a heavier duty blender with a larger motor, such as the K400 or High Performance series blenders.

  • If soups, bisques and warm sauces are some of your favorite blender uses, then KitchenAid® commercial blenders with thermal control jars allow you to blend, heat and keep warm quickly.

  • Emulsifying for mayonnaise or salad dressing can be done with either a traditional blender or an immersion blender. The difference may be how much you make at a time.

  • Looking for whipped cream that you can make quickly? An immersion blender will quickly take you from refrigerator to table.

You should consider your lifestyle and the amount of counter space you have when buying a blender. If you have lots of counter space and lots of time to experiment with new blender recipes, or if you only need a small appliance for quick, small tasks, consider these variables when selecting a blender.

A red KitchenAid electric hand blender next to a glass containing a green smoothie A red KitchenAid electric hand blender next to a glass containing a green smoothie
  • Immersion blenders offer ease, convenience, and compact size for people with limited counter space or who may constantly be on the move. Choose one with a food chopper accessory if you sometimes use a food processor to chop nuts or veggies, and you’ll get a double-duty small appliance.
A red KitchenAid blender containing a pink smoothie on a counter with various food and kitchen items A red KitchenAid blender containing a pink smoothie on a counter with various food and kitchen items
  • Traditional blenders are perfect for those of you who use them regularly for everyday meals or smoothies in the morning. With its versatility and power you will be able to blend many ingredients and try new recipes and techniques. Other accessories, such as the new blender expansion packs for the KitchenAid K150 and K400 blenders bring even more versatility for blending tailored to your lifestyle. Try the Personal Blender Jar or the Small Batch Jar for powerful blending made personal.

The power of the blender is determined by the horsepower of its motor. Almost any blender will work for mixing soft ingredients, but a powerful motor is often required to make nut butters, grated cheese, or hummus.

When buying a new blender, you want to make sure the manufacturer stands behind the product. Blender warranties can range from a single year to up to a decade.

The price of blenders can vary depending on their make and model. Choose a blender that fits your budget and your needs, whether you’re going for a top-of-the-line blender or starting off with a classic model.


You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to what you can make with the right blender. For example, the KitchenAid blender, backed by quality engineering and performance, opens doors to new possibilities for the creative and passionate Maker. It's never been easier to experiment with new tastes and textures or to whip up your favorite blends with any blender you choose.