6 Coffee Grinder Uses You Might Not Expect

Discover the full potential of your coffee grinder with this guide and use it to create homemade ingredients that will elevate your recipes. Not only can you grind fresh beans for a delicious cup of coffee, but a blade coffee grinder can also be a versatile addition to your kitchen arsenal. From crafting your unique spice blends to making your own powdered sugar, let's explore how to broaden your culinary horizons with your coffee grinder.

Blade coffee grinder Blade coffee grinder

Uncover the Versatility of Your Coffee Grinder

Do you own a blade coffee grinder? If so, it's high time you make the most out of it by utilizing it for a variety of kitchen tasks, such as producing breadcrumbs, grinding spices to create your unique blends, and more. The KitchenAid® Coffee and Spice Grinder serves as an ideal kitchen ally to grind small quantities of different ingredients. It's important to note, however, that if you possess a burr coffee grinder, it should be reserved exclusively for grinding coffee beans.

A variety of spices in a brown ceramic bowl with a wooden spoon

1. Craft Your Unique Spice Blends

Infuse your dishes with exciting new flavours by grinding whole spices like cumin, paprika, cayenne, and cinnamon. Place your selected spices into your grinder and use a fine setting for grinding. Continue until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed and no large pieces remain. Before you know it, you'll be stocking your spice cabinet with an array of homemade blends, thanks to the convenience of using a coffee grinder.

A person holding a white tea cup with ground herbs


Grinding dried herbs and florals allows you to prepare uniquely aromatic teas, baked goods, and much more. If you have fresh herbs or edible flowers like rosemary, lavender, or thyme that are on the verge of wilting, simply dry them out and grind them on a coarse setting. This way, you can add them to your spice cabinet or incorporate them into your tea blends. To add a twist to your baked items, try making flavoured sugar with ground florals like lavender or rose.

Baked green beans garnished with breadcrumbs

3. Prepare Homemade Breadcrumbs

Transform stale bread into fresh breadcrumbs by adding pieces to your coffee grinder and pulsing for a few moments. Incorporate these breadcrumbs into your meatballs, use them for breading your homemade shrimp cakes, or even for your juicy air-fried chicken.

Medium-sized donuts covered in powdered sugar

4. Whip Up Small Batches of Powdered Sugar

Find yourself out of powdered sugar right before making some buttercream frosting? Fear not, your coffee grinder is here to save the day. Simply add granulated sugar to your grinder, give it a few pulses, and voila – powdered sugar in seconds!

A person sprinkling flour onto a smooth kneaded dough ball on a wooden countertop

5. Experiment with Flour Alternatives

If you're curious about experimenting with different grains like oatmeal or quinoa for gluten-free alternatives, your coffee grinder can be of help. It's particularly handy when you need a small amount of flour and you don't want to grind a whole batch.

A vanilla drink in a mason jar with a blue and white straw

6. Create Your Own Vanilla Powder

Your coffee grinder can also be used to make sweet and aromatic vanilla powder. All you need to do is add fully dried, whole vanilla bean pods to your coffee grinder and you're set. The resulting powder can be used in any recipe that calls for vanilla. Store any leftover powder in an airtight container for future use.

A KitchenAid® blade coffee grinder in a modern kitchen setting A KitchenAid® blade coffee grinder in a modern kitchen setting

Deciding Between a Coffee Grinder, a Blender, or Food Processor

While a coffee grinder is your best bet for processing coffee beans and small quantities of other ingredients, a food processor may be better suited for harder ingredients like almonds or for larger batches. Plus, a food processor offers the advantage of multiple blade types, helping you achieve a variety of textures. For wet or oily ingredients, a blender is your go-to appliance.

A Few Grinder Usage Tips - Things to Avoid

It's worth noting that burr coffee grinders are designed for grinding coffee beans only. Blade coffee or spice grinders offer more versatility for blending different ingredients in smaller quantities. It's advisable, however, to avoid grinding any hard, wet, or oily ingredients in your coffee grinder.

Chicken sandwich with breadcrumb coating Chicken sandwich with breadcrumb coating


The same coffee grinder can be used for different ingredients like spices and herbs, as long as you clean it between uses to avoid cross-contamination. To simplify this process, the KitchenAid® Coffee and Spice Grinder features separate grinding bowls for coffee and spices, so flavour transfer is never a concern.

Discover New Culinary Possibilities with the KitchenAid® Coffee and Spice Grinder

Taking your cooking and baking to the next level is easy with the KitchenAid® Coffee and Spice Grinder. This versatile tool not only grinds coffee to your desired coarseness but also makes easy work of spices, grains, and more. The inclusion of separate grind bowls for coffee and spices ensures no taste transfer between uses.