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How to Store Your Stand Mixer

A stand mixer does not only come in handy in any maker’s kitchen; it is also a beautiful addition to any kitchen decor, and it comes in a range of colours that represent the uniqueness of the person using it. Depending on your kitchen layout and space constraints, these heavily used appliances can provide some creative storage opportunities. Fortunately, there are a number of ingenious ways to store a stand mixer and keep it close at hand for when inspiration strikes.

Read on for three stand mixer storage ideas, whether you want to use your existing space or create a custom solution. These three solutions – out in plain sight for everyone to admire, under cabinet storage or a mixer lift cabinet – can work within a range of budgets.


KitchenAid Stand Mixer on Countertop Countertops are the most convenient and common storage option for stand mixers. With the help of countertop storage, it is easy to access this highly utilized culinary icon in the kitchen for countless creative possibilities. Consider these three important factors when deciding whether you will have a stand mixer on your counter.


Because mixers come in a wide variety of colours today, they can be coordinated with the colour scheme in your kitchen and can even serve as chic accessories. KitchenAid offers this kitchen icon in over 19 colours plus a range of finishes to help reflect your unique style and personality. You can also customize your mixer with a personalized engraving and a beautiful bowl. Select from fifteen unique bowl styles, including ceramic, copper, embossed ceramics, stainless steel, patterned ceramics, and more.


Choosing a countertop location that is close to your prep/baking area will give you easier access to prep the food. If your countertop space is really limited, there are mini stand mixer options from KitchenAid that are lighter, smaller and just as powerful as the classic model.

When you're going to be gone for a bit, you may not be using your stand mixer. To help keep your stand mixer clean, consider a stand mixer cover. We've seen Makers create colourful and beautiful kitchen accessories to match the decor. Often, they come with pockets to store cookbooks and attachments, making them especially helpful for kitchens with limited storage space.


Kitchen with storage options
Here are three great ways KitchenAid has heard from Makers of storing their mixers if you only have a limited amount of counter space:



A more straightforward and cost-effective option is to designate a lower cabinet as your baking cabinet and clear a space in it. For an easy and organized process, store your stand mixer with your other baking supplies.

Opening kitchen cabinet doors

Pullout drawers are customizable cabinet features. It is more convenient and easy to access this storage solution over simple cabinet storage, since the stand mixer can be pulled out of a lower cabinet and easily accessed. Because the drawer will pull out from your cabinet into your kitchen, you’ll want to plan for enough clearance to move easily around the pullout drawer when it’s extended. Make sure your cabinet designer knows you will be using your pullout drawer to store a stand mixer. This will allow them to ensure your pullout drawer can handle heavy appliances safely.

Pullout cabinet drawers with various kitchen items

Appliance garages are resurging as countertop appliances become increasingly popular in kitchens. Despite its higher cost, a garage could be a safe and elegant place to keep an item as valuable as a mixer. Garages can range from as simple as a countertop cabinet with adjustable doors, to as elaborate as floor-to-ceiling cabinets containing a beautiful display of your collection of small appliances.


If you're a counter "minimalist" and you're looking for an appliance storage solution without heavy lifting, a mixer lift cabinet is perfect for you. Lifts like this are installed in lower cabinets and are designed to raise mixers to cabinet height. If you're going to do a lot of baking, you should consider installing your mixer lift near the area where you'll be mixing since you have access right to your stand mixer's shelf. Because this lift pulls out from the cabinet, you’ll want to make sure you have about 23 inches for the lift to extend beyond the countertop into your kitchen. Using the area beneath your lift is ideal for storing your stand mixer attachments and other baking supplies.

The installation of mixer lifts is relatively straightforward, and DIY solutions are available. If DIY isn’t your thing, you can also choose to have your lift professionally built and installed, and you can even get your lift customized to match your countertops for an even more seamless and personalized look.


Adding an electrical outlet to your mixer lift cabinet will make this option even more convenient to use.