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Food Freezing in Fridge: Common Causes & Fixes

Sometimes you may find your refrigerator items are freezing. While it is rare, it can still occur. When it happens, it can make your culinary goals harder to accomplish. We can provide some helpful tips to prevent it.

Why Does Food Freeze in my Refrigerator?

When a refrigerator freezes, it can be due to several causes.

There is a Problem With the Temperature Setting

It's ideal to store food between 3-4.5 degrees Celsius. If your food seems to be freezing, the temperature setting in the fridge might accidentally have been lowered.

The Food Was Not Properly Stored

Refrigerators make use of air vents to supply the cold air to the storage area. In order to maintain the necessary temperature in the freezer and refrigerator compartments, it is important to allow for enough air movement between those compartments. There is a possibility that the freezer may freeze the food you've blocked the air vents since more cold air may reach it. Also, you may try adding more food to the refrigerator because a fuller fridge, will do a better job of absorbing cold air.

Leaky Door Seals

Your refrigerator and freezer have seals that help keep temperatures consistent. If either of these seals breaks, you'll have to work harder to maintain your device's temperature, which could lead to your food becoming frozen.

How to prevent frozen food in the refrigerator

If you find your refrigerator freezing, there are steps you can take to resolve the problem.

Reset your refrigerator’s temperature

The temperature dial on your refrigerator should tell you what the optimal temperature is. If you aren't sure what the perfect temperature is, consult the owner's manual for more advice.

KitchenAid refrigerator temperature settings KitchenAid refrigerator temperature settings

Move your items around

Your foods may need to be more evenly distributed so that they are not blocking the air vents, or you may have to add more food in the refrigerator.

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Check your refrigerator’s door seals

Whenever the door seals to your refrigerator look bad, it's important that you replace them immediately. You won't only prevent your food from freezing, but you'll save energy as well.

KitchenAid refrigerator door seals KitchenAid refrigerator door seals

Have you turned on the ice maker?

Inspect the ice maker for power and make sure that the water supply is connected to the water supply line. If the water supply is not connected to the ice maker, it may continue to attempt to make ice. If this occurs, you may experience the following:

  • There may be too much cold air in the refrigerator section.
  • The freezer section might be too cold.
  • The food in the crisper drawers may freeze.
  • Find out how to operate your ice maker in your user manual.
KitchenAid refrigerator ice maker KitchenAid refrigerator ice maker

My fridge is still freezing. What should I do?

If you haven't been successful after following the above steps, it may be time to schedule refrigerator service. Our Certified Technicians are always here to help. Schedule an appointment or call us toll free at 1 (800) 807 6777.