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We are excited to launch direct sales and delivery in most areas across Canada*. We’re working to expand our sales and delivery area, so please confirm that your postal code in the “Your Location” field at the top of the page is accurate — this will allow us to show you the direct sales and delivery options available in your area. If we aren’t in your area yet, use our Store Locator to find another retailer near you..

Professional In-Home Delivery

We are excited to launch direct sales and delivery in most areas across Canada*. We’re working to expand our sales and delivery area, so please confirm that your postal code in the “Your Location” field at the top of the page is accurate — this will allow us to show you the direct sales and delivery options available in your area. If we aren’t in your area yet, use our Store Locator to find another retailer near you.

Professional Install

Our installation service is available for most major appliances, depending on your location.

Haul Away/Move

Add haul-away service during checkout. We'll haul away and dispose of your old appliance in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. The haul away service is always like for like i.e. fridge for a fridge. Alternatively, we can move your old appliance to another location in your home. Please ensure the old appliance is disconnected and cleaned out prior to the delivery team arriving.

NOTE: In home movement of old appliances is not available for fridges that need to have the doors removed in order to facilitate the move.


Home delivery is available across Canada* with a range of convenient dates for you to choose from. Delivery date availability will be shown in your cart during the checkout process.

If our website indicates we can not deliver to your postal code, please call 1-844-907-0954 for further assistance, as additional delivery charges may apply to select rural areas.

Actual delivery time depends on product availability and your location and may take up to two additional weeks for outlying areas. Delivery, policies, and areas of service are subject to change.

We may refuse delivery or haul-away services for safety reasons.

*some exceptions apply

What You'll Get

Our authorized delivery team matches the quality of our appliances. Buy with confidence knowing floor protection, product inspection, and debris removal come standard for a seamless experience. Product inspection is completed by the delivery team when the uncrate, set in place service is added to your order.

In-Home Delivery

All of our major appliance orders are delivered by our in-home delivery network which offers several professional delivery services to enhance your in-home delivery experience.

If you purchased parts, accessories or small appliances with a large appliance, we will make every effort to deliver those items together. In some cases, depending on the products you select and their availability, certain items may ship separately.

Shipping fees may apply to items that are shipped.

Standard Shipping

Parts or accessories may ship separately using standard shipping methods. At checkout, your cart will identify items that will ship separately and itemize any additional shipping fees.

If you purchased parts, accessories or small appliances, these will be shipped using a courier. Shipping typically takes 4 to 10 business days, however, it may take longer for outlying areas. Some items will require a signature.

Delivery above second floor

If your product needs to be delivered above the second floor and there is no elevator please add the Delivery above Second-floor service to your order. To ensure a successful delivery experience be sure to note at checkout if your product needs to be delivered between floors 3-5. Deliveries above the 5th floor require a working elevator.

If you live in a condominium, ensure that you have booked the elevator with your condo management office.


Home Delivery $75.00
Uncrate, Set in place (charged per appliance) $10.00
Haul Away/Relocate your appliance (charged per appliance) $30.00
Delivery above second floor (more than 2 sets of stairs) $30.00
Pedestal Install (Charged per pedestal) $40.00
Stacking Kit Install (Charged per Laundry pair) $40.00


During the checkout process, you will be able to select a preferred delivery date for your major appliances. If there are any product availability concerns, we will contact you, otherwise, you should presume the date selected is the effective date of delivery. For CPG or accessory orders, you will be given an approximate delivery date. If you have any questions about your delivery please contact us at 1-844-907-0954.

We’ll contact you:

  • The day before delivery and provide you with a 3 or 4-hour* delivery window.
  • Approximately 30 minutes prior to the delivery team arriving to let you know they are on route.

*Dependent on location

Prepare for Arrival

Before your product arrives, prep your space.

What to Expect

During inclement weather, our delivery team will use floor runners/coverings to protect finished floors.

Keep in Mind:

  • We offer installation for pedestals purchased with companion appliances. Charges apply.
  • If you request haul away, make sure all old appliances are unhooked/uninstalled, cleaned and emptied out.
  • If you requested uncrate, set in place, your appliance will be delivered to a location you designate. It will be removed from the packaging, usually in the truck for you to inspect when brought into your home.  Some exceptions apply.
  • Due to Health & Safety reason, delivery teams cannot remove their shoes.

Inspect Your Product

Upon delivery, please inspect your purchase for damage. If you have any concerns, bring them to the attention of your delivery team. You do not have to accept a damaged product you may return or exchange it. Please ensure any damage is documented on the delivery paperwork before you sign it. See our Return Policy for more details, including how to request a return after your product has been delivered.


  • Measure the width of each doorway, hallway and stairwell the product may pass through.
  • If necessary, and with your approval, the delivery team will remove your exterior doors (hinge pins) to gain access.
  • Make sure the pathway is clear of personal items, including tables, furniture and wall art that may interfere with a successful delivery.
  • Our delivery teams are not permitted to remove interior doors, handrails, banisters, screen doors or any personal possessions.

Measure Your Cutout

  • Measure the height, width, and depth of your space to ensure the dimensions of your product match.
  • Some products will need breathing room for venting, hookups and to allow doors to open:
    • Measuring for a laundry space: Add 1" (2.54 cm) of space on the sides of and in between the washing machine and dryer. Add 6" (15.24 cm) in the back of both the washing machine and dryer for venting and hoses.
    • Measuring for a refrigerator: add ½" (1.3 cm) on each side for venting.

Confirm You Have the Right Parts

If you select installation at checkout or plan to install yourself, our checkout will identify the compatible parts required for installation. Parts will need to be purchased separately upon checkout.






Depending on your location and local requirements, we may not be able to offer installation for hardwired products. Be sure to check if your hookup requires hardwiring.

Installation services include:

  • Uncrating and removing packing materials
  • Attaching a water supply hose (supplied by you) to the water shutoff valve and inlet valve on the dishwasher
  • Purging the water line
  • Connecting drain hoses to the existing drain system
  • Testing the dishwasher for proper operation

Preparing for a dishwasher installation:

  • If you selected haul away service, uninstall the existing dishwasher before the delivery agent arrives.
  • Make sure the water shutoff valve connection is exactly 3/8" MPT.
  • Make sure you have a 3/8" dishwasher water supply line and fitting. If you do not have a supply line, the Installer will have the required installation supplies for purchase. Please be sure your connection points are within this 6' range.
  • Make sure the flooring under the dishwasher is level throughout the cavity and kitchen.
  • The Installer won’t attempt to connect or disconnect to saddle or needle type valves, only permanent in-line water valves.
  • The Installer won’t splice or tie together any water or drain lines.

Parts not included with a dishwasher installation (sold separately):

  • Water inlet hoses
  • Water inlet fitting


Installation services include:

  • Uncrating and removing packing materials
  • Unpacking the interior
  • Installing the anti-tip device
  • For gas: Connecting approved 4' flex gas lines
  • Plugging in and testing for gas leaks or proper operation, depending on gas or electric

Parts not included with a range installation (sold separately):

  • For gas: ½" ID flex 4' gas line

Preparing for a range installation:

  • The installer will install any anti-tip devices.
  • For electric: Make sure the electrical outlet is securely attached to the wall or floor and meets the National Electrical Code requirements for ranges.

For gas:

  • The installer will only connect to an approved operational gas shutoff valve that is within 4' of the range.
  • The installer won’t route a flex gas line through a cabinet or fixed walls and floors.
  • The installer won’t provide conversions for the LPG fuel source.
  • The installer won’t install on a carpeted floor.


Installation services include:

  • Uncrating and removing packing materials
  • Unpacking the interior
  • Connecting the water line to the existing water shutoff valve
  • Purging the water line
  • Plugging in the refrigerator
  • Leveling
  • Flushing the refrigerator water system where applicable
  • Testing the refrigerator for proper operation
  • Installing handles on the refrigerator and freezer doors if needed

Parts not included with a refrigerator installation (sold separately):

  • Water line (if required)

Preparing for a refrigerator installation:

  • The water line must be long enough to allow for the refrigerator to be pulled out for cleaning and servicing.
  • The installer won’t drill any holes through fixed walls or floors.
  • The installer won’t attempt to connect or disconnect a water line in a location where they can’t fully stand up or that doesn’t have enough light.
  • The installer won’t attempt to connect or disconnect to saddle or needle valves, only permanent in-line water valves.
  • The installer won’t attempt to connect or disconnect any water lines where ceiling tiles or other obstructions impede the valve.
  • Make sure the cabinet opening is large enough for the refrigerator. No cabinet modifications will be made.
  • The installer won’t reuse any existing water lines.
  • Make sure water shutoff valves are in a safe and accessible location. Otherwise, the installer will not be able to access it.


Installation services include:

  • Uninstalling the old product
  • Remove packing materials
  • Installing mounting hardware to the backsplash
  • Adjusting the blower to meet the existing duct
  • Securing the unit to the cabinet
  • Testing the unit for proper operation

Preparing for a microwave/hood combination installation:

  • Ensure the top cabinet mounting holes from the existing microwave/hood combination are the same size or smaller than the new mounting holes and won’t compromise their integrity.
  • Make sure a receptacle is located in the cabinet above the microwave/hood combination.
  • If removing the existing microwave/hood combination may cause damage to wall treatments, cabinets or other fixtures, the delivery agent will not remove it. This includes microwave/hood combinations that are caulked to tile or backsplashes.
  • The installer won’t drill or cut into any solid surface such as granite, corian or marble.
  • Verify that the venting lines up with and meets all the manufacturer specifications, meaning there should be no hazardous vent materials such as flexible ducting or venting that’s the wrong size. The installer won’t supply any venting and will not connect to any ducting that’s not already in place. No modifications to venting or cabinets will be made.
  • The back wall plate won’t be removed if it may cause property damage.
  • Make sure stripped out top cabinet bolts from the existing unit are removable.
  • If the uninstall of the old unit is complex, installation won’t be completed. Examples of complex situations include a modified power supply, a unit that has been screwed directly to the cabinet or a unit that has been modified or partially disassembled.


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